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Blaming the “whitelash,” he says, “is convenient because it absolves liberals of not recognizing how their own obsession with diversity has encouraged white, rural, religious Americans to think of themselves as a disadvantaged group whose identity is being threatened or ignored” and “because it sanctions a conviction of moral superiority and allows liberals to ignore what those voters said were their overriding concerns.” YOURURL.comInsert eyeroll emoji here! Lilla is arguing, first, that Democrats’ so-called “identity politics” has given traditionally Republican voters an “identity” of their own that they used to lack. This is patent falsity. Indeed, this country’s first, and its still most-prevalent “identity,” is that of white, male and wealthy. That identity alone was given the franchise in 1787. browse this siteThat identity controlled vast swaths of U.S. history, from the post-Reconstruction “Redemption” period to every civil rights struggle of the 20th century. That identity has repeatedly concerned itself with the status and, indeed, “identity” of The Other, from scrupulous laws detailing exactly what fraction of African blood comprises black people to Japanese internment to, not that long ago, a national registry of suspicious Muslims . That identity alone remains the default “normal” in America despite its absolute minority status.

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